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Anywhere365 – DC Bundle Update – V05 (and a sneaky 05a)

I have been behind on my blog for a bit, that whole life thing keeps getting in the way! Version 5 of the Anywhere365 new bundle releases hit us not long ago, release notes here: https://golive.anywhere365.io/release_notes/bundle-releases/release-notes-dc2022.05.html But wait… I hear you say, 05a has also now appeared: https://golive.anywhere365.io/release_notes/bundle-releases/release-notes-dc2022.05a.html So instead of clogging up feeds with

Anywhere365 – Core Update – V8.0.39

The contact centre of the future has it’s latest core update out, I have laid off-putting up a post about it as I wanted to test it in my lab first. Highlighting the majors I feel are below, and since the latest, it certainly has improved performance, and the forward motion into the Teams way

Contact Centres and beyond…

I have been lucky working in the UC space for some time, it’s an ever-changing role, background, foreground and any other ground you can think of. One major interest has always been the contact centre portion of the market, it’s always been required but always been niche. I have worked with a good few CC