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Anywhere365 – Core Update – V8.0.39

Anywhere365 – Core Update – V8.0.39

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The contact centre of the future has it’s latest core update out, I have laid off-putting up a post about it as I wanted to test it in my lab first.

Highlighting the majors I feel are below, and since the latest, it certainly has improved performance, and the forward motion into the Teams way of working:

Full list here:



  • (Enhancement 33029) Optimized memory usage when using the Graph presence provider
  • (Enhancement 32377) A UCC would keep a lock on the AudioData folder in its cache directory, even after it was stopped by removing it from the config.xml. This prevented you from removing the cache while the UCC Service was running.
  • (Enhancement 33308) When Graph Presence is disabled do not suggest this presence source
  • (Enhancement 29357) OnHoldMusic would not be started when a call was created using the DirectDialer.
  • (Enhancement 33425) When Hunting fails for unknown reasons, the Hunter would start hunting as fast as possible, using up all system resources. This process is now throttled by the HuntThrottlingManager when hunts are failing quickly.
  • (Enhancement 3572) Hunt fails if Teams Agent is hunted through federation and TeamsAnonymousImpersonateUri is not set

Call Controls Plugin

  • (Enhancement 31826) Improve SipUri handling


After testing the latest I found the memory optimization was vastly improved, even inside of my under specced VM at the time!

It’s always worth running them through your own tests, as the rollback is really easy, some OOH work is worth the extra effort!