Anywhere365 – DC Bundle Update – DC2023.03 (skipping a few…)

Anywhere365 – DC Bundle Update – DC2023.03 (skipping a few…)

Like my last update with the core bundle changes, it’s a few revisions out of date… with a few fun images along the way!

You may be asking, what is the point of these, well, the main thing is to take away what I feel as an experienced user of the product is to highlight the parts I think would benefit the most, and along the way to point out any gotchas that I feel might be ‘noteworthy’.

The core has come a long way over the past year, features have been pouring in, and the odd fix here and there.

Latest bundle release notes:

With the latest news hitting us about Infinity, it’s going to be a wild ride with what’s to come, I was also privileged to go along to the Beyond event over in Rotterdam recently, which allowed me to see some of the upcoming ‘fun stuff’ that’s going to hit us in the ACS world of the product – exciting.

Picking out my favorite ones below with some notes:

79980 – Supervisor Controls in WebAgent – added Whisper, Talk and Takeover

With the ever-waiting move away from the Snapper that’s been around and accompanied the product since the beginning, we are starting to see the core feature set move directly into the Webagent – notably the supervisor’s functions – this will be welcome and make the rollout process more efficient and faster for our clients.

55742 – Call on behalf for WebAgent

Like above, bringing the next main feature into the Webagent, directly away from the Snapper, being able to call out of the endpoints have been there since the beginning, but in the Webagent it’s another win to have the selection all in one place… also saves the extra UCC’s too.

87575 – Google Transcriptor (Speech to Text) – Allow for several recognition and adaptation models per Dialogue Studio flow

The transcription is a vital part of the core inside of DialogueStudio (Nodered), the ability to now adapt to different models is a huge win for control and flexibility – a welcome one for me!

Going forward I’m going to be blogging about some really fun stuff with what we can do with DialogueStudio, piping off to Google’s ES platform, or using Microsoft’s Language Services are giving us the flex around intent and deflection for our customers – productivity is key for everyone!

Stay tuned…