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Anywhere365 – DC Bundle Update – V05 (and a sneaky 05a)

Anywhere365 – DC Bundle Update – V05 (and a sneaky 05a)

I have been behind on my blog for a bit, that whole life thing keeps getting in the way!

Version 5 of the Anywhere365 new bundle releases hit us not long ago, release notes here:

But wait… I hear you say, 05a has also now appeared:

So instead of clogging up feeds with multiple pages and links…

Link Please - Spock and Cat Meme | Make a Meme

I will combine the notable updates that have been released – this 05* update has made a lot of difference in the product, lots of things here we have been waiting for, and the odd workaround can go away to be native once again!

All components got an update in this one, don’t forget to get these out as part of your rollout strategy:

Power BI 8.3.22084.01
Inflight Snapper 8.4.9 (Must be updated when installing this bundle)
Inflight Wallboard (client) 6.5.7

NOTE: The PowerBI reports have slightly changed in this rollout, they have gone back to the original tables before the v2 ones hit a long time ago – I spotted this and reported it back for the next bundle but if you get errors make sure you have the v1 and v2 SQL query run on the CDR DB – this will kick them in!

New Features

  • Uploading attachments/files/images now possible in WebChat. WebAgent Agents now have the option to send files to the customer.

This one, we have been after for a while, allowing customers to send files natively over the product rather than an external source can now be done, and security teams will feel a little better with it as well.

  • Significantly faster loading times and improved response. Optimization of the report template greatly speeds up report generation and improves visual consistency across reports.

I’ve noticed a good increase in how these are thrown, it’s a little faster which is always welcome, remember, automation is key here for reporting in general, it will take away the click-wait scenarios.

Feature Improvements

  • Improved blind transfer scenarios when transferee does not accept. Specific scenarios where the transferee did not accept could result in the WebAgent not being able to perform another transfer. This now has been resolved.
  • Hold function is no longer deadlocked. Resolved on hold issue.
  • Increased Inflight Snapper efficiency. Changes in UCC management solved an Outbound calling issue as well as enhancing performance.

These 3 are wins out the lot, the hold feature was widely used, and great to see this working correctly now – no longer need to re-open the Teams client to do it as a workaround.

Feature Enhancements

  • OnHold status now correct. Fixed an issue in which OnHold call status was not correctly maintained during a session.
  • Improved recovery from unauthenticated state. MsGraphPresenceProvider no longer needs to be re-enabled by operations to re-establish presence

The biggest issue every SaaS-based vendor has is using the GraphAPI, with many hoops to jump through and many workarounds (throttling, dropped connections, etc) – this is a great fix due to the product solely relying on presence as a logic factor!

As always, if you have any questions just reach out – IT never sleeps!