Contact Centre
Contact Centres and beyond…

Contact Centres and beyond…

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I have been lucky working in the UC space for some time, it’s an ever-changing role, background, foreground and any other ground you can think of.

One major interest has always been the contact centre portion of the market, it’s always been required but always been niche. I have worked with a good few CC vendors over the years and each one has its unique way of doing things.

There has never really been one true product that fulfills everything, wait.. I said “has never”… until now… Anywhere365.

I have been implementing this solution for a while now and with every install, configuration, niggle (everyone has them) it has always come out on top (so far).

Workstream People, the creators behind the product have found a place to satisfy every corner of the market, from fat clients to mobile clients… online to on-prem, WhatsApp, webchat, dialogue, bots… the list goes on and everything seems to be a hit.

As I dive more and more into the product I will be posting some updates, features and release notes I have come over that hopefully will strike attention – For now, go check out there very detailed KBs and product pages and see what you think.

Any questions you have just pop me an email as per the norm: [email protected]