Microsoft Teams
Teams and Linux… The hint’s are strong in this one!

Teams and Linux… The hint’s are strong in this one!

I have to admit, my first time of using a CLI based system was Linux, Redhat 7.3 to be precise so I do have a profound love for it.

One of the major factors in general is all about collaboration, that it a given, but not just communication, the foundation OS level also needs to get an ear full, providers usually code for a certain platform and it’s interesting to see that 30% of business are running a Linux based desktop (it’s free right, no brainer…).

Microsoft have to jump on that wagon and bringing their Teams platform to Linux is a huge step forward, granted the browser base works fine but it’s limited.. can anyone else hear the Slack team shifting nervously…

Couple the Linux Desktop with Teams and chuck in some 365 SaaS solutions and what have you got.. a happy end user.

Check out some details and hint’s I came over at the Uservoice forum below, it’s worth a penny or two in a read as it can open up a bit more potential going forward!

Sneaky timestamp updates on the repo:

Uservoice Forum MS dropping hints… :

Hint’s everywhere.. happy collab’ing (if that’s a word)