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Office 365 – Domain already in use…

Office 365 – Domain already in use…

I have seen this thrown around a few times, if your domain has been used elsewhere (perhaps a trial, or a Guest in another tenant) there is no easy way to get MS to remove it.I came over this “try and see” method and it seemed to have worked on a couple of clients I have worked on.

  • Get a trial with your domain into the 365 stack – try a PowerBI one for ease here:
  • Log in to the portal, Admin tile and it should start a process for becoming the administrator of the associated tenant.
  • Create DNS entry for proof of ownership
  • Change any additional accounts to the default onmicrosoft tenant
  • Do a shake, dance and log off and back on and remove the domain
  • Give it time, Microsoft Time / Windows time to expire
  • Re-add to the tenant it should be used.

This has been floating around for a while but does work in most cases.

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