Category: Lync 2013

Skype for Business Cloud Connector Version 1.4.2

This is an important update as it is the first update that will automatically update all existing installed Skype for Business Cloud Connector (Cloud Connector) 1.4.1 appliances based on the update schedule that administrators have configured for their Cloud Connector Hybrid PSTN Sites. For details please refer to Understanding the automatic update process for Cloud

Lync Log Files: Windows Fabric

So today I had an issue with Lync Windows Fabic files wanting to kill a front end without even taking me to dinner first so I came over this little command to give us some control over them. The location of these hideaways is: C:\ProgramData\Windows Fabric\Fabric\log\Traces You can move these onto another drive if you want

LRS: Crestron RL2

I had had a play with the Crestron RL 2 LRS today, and it was a nice piece of kit. I had the usual struggle of getting it to work with Lync in general, the startup guide, like most LRS are vague so you will need to know what to setup before getting on to

Lync 2013: Polycom Firmware Testing

Strange but interesting one for today – testing out the new Polycom CX revision for roll-out on a customers site but would only apply if the scope was set to Site and not Global. I hunted through the IIS and RequestHandlerLogs to try trace when and where it was getting it’s information from, a snippet below: