Skype Academy: Index, reference, one liners, laziness, ease, the good stuff…

One of the thing’s that Microsoft do well is collaboration in general, not just from the end user perspective but getting tech’s to talk, in a variety of ways, using multiple methods.

I present: The Skype Academy

I am hoping to do a summary level of all the academy videos without all the guff in the middle, the facts, the figures and the one liners we all love to copy and paste from our clipboard into powershell (yes, that’s right, we all do it…shocking).



1: Tenant Dial Plans (Coming Soon)
2: Call Queues (Coming Soon)
3: Cloud PBX Auto Attendant (Coming Soon)


1: Hybrid and Online Migration



Funny pictures that I don’t know where to place:

Hope you all find it useful having the cut down pages, I know I do when needing to get it done quick without the documentation behind it!

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