OpenVPN: Inactivity Timeout Drops – Cert Auth

OpenVPN: Inactivity Timeout Drops – Cert Auth


Not directly related to UC but thought it would be prudent due to be being a new LAB I have set myself up to house S4B testing VM’s…

For the VPN and L3 I am using pfsense, this has OpenVPN (Cert Auth) built in which is great out the box profile generation and server setup. I kept on getting drops from the VPN network which was causing me issues, in the logs I was catching this:

[ms_panel title=”LOGS” title_color=”#000″ border_color=”#ddd” title_background_color=”#f5f5f5″ border_radius=”0″ class=”” id=””]
[OpenVPN_Server] Inactivity timeout (–ping-restart), restarting
TCP/UDP: Closing socket

2 hours later I had realisted the profile was logged in on another WAN connection and not sending the keep alive ping back to my new connection, hence kicking me off.

So remember – Don’t be logged in one the same profile from seperate connections and spend 2 hours looking for the fix!


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