Hyper-V: Sonus SWe Lite – Couldn’t mount as ext3

Hyper-V: Sonus SWe Lite – Couldn’t mount as ext3

Sonus have their latest virtual appliance out to play (SWELite) for Hyper-V, it’s good, and its something you can just increase in resource to adapt to your current requirements – I like it…

Here is how to set it up in a very quick way:

  1. Grab the image: You will need to somehow speak to a rep, or maybe you already have access to get the latest version
  2. Import the VM into Hyper-V using the folder location.

Here’s where I hit a snag, I was getting the error:

76.449550 ext4-fs (sda1) couldn’t mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities”

A bit of googling (very limited) and its a Hyper-V specific to the mounting inside the VHD’s…

Workaround: Convert all the disks to Fixed and increase them by 50G a piece, one is just for the swap granted but it’s worth covering all angles.

Remember when you do this it will copy the disks not just change them so you will need to reattach them back to the VM once done.

Then a happy booting SWE Lite on Hyper-V.




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