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Sonus SBC 1K/2K: Transformation Table Entry Builder

Original Source: https://johnacook.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/sonus-sbc-1k2k-transformation-table-entry-builder-ariprotheroe/ This post is not my own work, it’s been copied from https://johnacook.wordpress.com and is his own content fully, permission has been sought. I urge you to check out this excel building tool utilizing cURL and the REST API as it will make your life easier, yes its a old post but for most of

Sonus SBC: Packet Capture

Today I had an issue where I had to capture the media and SIP information on a particular call, many people forget the toolsets on the SBC’s which can give you a wealth of stream information. Goto: Diagnostics screen Goto: Packet Capture menu Start the capture process Select your primary interface that sends / recieves